You have questions? We have answers! 

How much are these gourmet chocolate bonbons?

All prices appear on the Shop Now section for current stock. Discounts are not possible with bulk orders. 



Optimum Flavour

Rococoa bonbons are best enjoyed within the month that they are purchased. 

What are the current flavours for order?

Just click the shop now button on the  main page to see what is currently in stock. 

Environmental footprint

At Rococoa we are very conscious of the environemental impact that packaging has. We strive to avoid all packaging that includes plastic alhtough it can make our product appear more attractive and appealing than cardboard. We hope that you can understand and support our effort to keep plastic and extraneous packaging to a minimum and recycle all materials possible after enjoynig your bonbon. 

Is shipping available for these bonbons?

Rococoa requires a minimum order of $40.00 to ship across Canada. All shipping orders must be requested through email for availability. Shipping and handling costs are $30.00. We are located in Olds, Alberta if you are able to pick up your order. If you have any questions regarding shipping please contact us.


How do I order these amazing bonbons?

To place an order, simply click the shop now button on the main page. If there is stock available you will be able to place an order to be picked up. I do not ship orders unless the orders are placed by email. Please email with special requests so arrangements can be made.

Events, wholesale, weddings and custom orders!

We would love to be part of your special day. Please use our contact form to give us the details far in advance. There is a minimum order requirement for custom design requests. 

Please include the following in your request: 

  • Date of Event
  • if you require delivery prior to the event
  • will there be custom packaging required
  • will there be custom chocolate/bonbon artwork required
  • box sizes required