You have questions? We have answers! 

How much are these gourmet chocolate bonbons?

Each artisan handmade bonbon at Rococoa is $2.50 and they are sold in multiples of 4 in an assorted box of 4 different flavours that are on the current menu. Each of the pill shaped bonbons are approximately 2 inches long.

Optimum Flavour

Rococoa bonbons are best enjoyed within the month that they are purchased. 

What are the current flavours for order?

With Valentines just around the corner, Rococoa has 4 flavours that will be available:

  • Raspberries and Cream- raspberries in a white chocolate ganache encased in dark chocolate
  • Passion Fruit- Passion fruit gelee in a white chocolate ganache encased in dark chocolate
  • Earl Grey- Milk chocolate ganache infused with earl grey tea encased in dark chocolate
  • Salted caramel toffee crunch- A soft salted caramel filling with crunchy bits of toffee encased in dark chocolate

Becoming a fair trade chocolatier!

At Rococoa we are transitioning to using fair trade products to ensure that the farmers and producers of our products are paid fairly. Our chocolate is sourced from Peru and Paraguay and is exceptional.  Fair trade sugar will be used in all future caramels as well as fair trade tea and coffee. You can feel like you have made the ethical choice when choosing Rococoa bonbons and bars. 

Is shipping available for these bonbons?

Rococoa requires a minimum order of $40.00 to ship across Canada. Shipping and handling costs are $20.00. We are located in Olds, Alberta if you are able to pick up your order. If you have any questions regarding shipping please contact us.

How do I order these amazing bonbons?

To place an order, simply email me at and let me know how many bonbons you would like (multiple of 4), and if and where they will need to be shipped. Payment can be done by e-transfer once I acknowledge your order.

Events, wholesale, weddings and custom orders!

We would love to be part of your special day. Please use our contact form to give us the details far in advance. There is a minimum order requirement for custom design requests. 

Please include the following in your request: 

  • Date of Event
  • if you require delivery prior to the event
  • will there be custom packaging required
  • will there be custom chocolate/bonbon artwork required
  • box sizes required

Environmental footprint

At Rococoa we are very conscious of the environmental impact that packaging has. We strive to avoid all packaging that includes plastic although it can make our product appear more attractive and appealing than cardboard. We hope that you can understand and support our effort to keep plastic and extraneous packaging to a minimum and recycle all materials possible after enjoying you bonbons.